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Comments on last month's (September 08) Predictions
Date Posted: September 30, 2008

Comments on Global Predictions for the last month

The important planetary configurations for September include: Saturn-Jupiter, Rahu-Mars, Neptune-Mars trines; Pluto-Neptune, Saturn-Ketu, Pluto-Saturn and Uranus-Saturn ninefold trines; Uranus-Mars and Saturn-Rahu quincunxes, Saturn-Jupiter and Neptune-Saturn ninefold conjunctions. 

In general, September is likely to witness more positive than negative events around the world.  World economies will likely to grow and the financial markets likely to experience bullishness. Phenomenal growth in technological (through breakthroughs) and scientific areas (through innovations) are very likely. 

Uranus-Mars quincunx (Sept 17-19) may become responsible for unwanted events around the globe, especially in the United States. These unwanted events may include natural calamities. Saturn-Rahu quincunx (Sept 29 - Oct 9) and Pluto-Saturn ninefold quincunx (Sept 28 - Oct 3) will be the cause for continued violence in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq, Israel and Palestine region. 

September 18: Global Financial crisis

September  14 - 19: Hurricane Ike.  Power outage and destruction in Houston-Galveston area of the Us Gulf Coast.

The countries that are most likely to be affected during the month would be: United States, Middle-East (Iraq, Iran, Palestine and Israel), Russia, Europe and China.

  • United States of America:    

President Bush and his administration:  

President Bush's operating and the currently dominating planet Pluto will continue transiting though the 7th house of his ninefold progressive chart during September. In addition, all through September, the transiting Pluto will quincunx his natal Saturn-his other operating planet.  As a result, his frustration will continue in dealing with international matters as well as with post war Iraq crisis. As it has been, his ability to govern the country will continue its slide, and it will be reflected in his failures in dealing with the representatives of congress (both republicans and democrats) as well as with his own administration. Towards the end of the month (last week of September) the transiting Uranus will square his natal Uranus and the lunar nodes.  

Sept 26 - 29:  700 Billion dollar Bailout package

As a result, expect more disagreements between him and his friends and close advisorsMisunderstanding and confusion will also take the center-stage with regards to domestic and foreign matter issues. 

The Country:

Uranus-Mars (Sept 17-19) and Saturn-Rahu (Sept 29 - Oct 9) quincunxes may become responsible for natural and man-made calamities and outbreak of an unwanted social or political crisis. 

September 18: Global Financial crisis

September 29: The US government failed to approve 700 Billion Bailout package

Saturn-Jupiter, Neptune-Mars and Rahu-Mars trines along with Pluto-Neptune, Uranus-Saturn ninefold trines are very auspicious for the country.  Religion and religious leaders will play positive role in enhancing their humanity-related activities. New inventions,  scientific discoveries and technological advances will dominate the news. Technological breakthroughs in fields of medicine, biotechnology, high technology, and space science will lead the news and spotlights.

        Russia:  Except for the last week of September (Sept 28 - Oct 9) the month seems to be reasonably positive for Russia. During the last week of the month, the crisis between Georgia and Russia may again intensify. During the same period occurrences of natural or man-made calamities are likely.

        Europe:  Relatively the entire month is positive for the continent. Economic growth and bullish financial markets will dominate the news. Religious activities are likely to expand and those will include spiritual experiences. 

        China, Japan, and Pacific-rim countries:  From the economic growth standpoint China is likely to do very well in September. Also, for Japan and Pacific-rim countries, the month looks to be reasonably positive from economical progress standpoint.

        Middle East: Except for September 5-11, and September 28-30 periods, the month appears to be good.  The political and social unrest and violence in Middle-East (Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Pakistan region) will only likely to be during the above specified dates.

        Religion:  The positive influence of Saturn-Jupiter trine (September 2 -17) and Pluto-Neptune (September 11 - Oct 5) ninefold trine will be responsible for positive and productive religious as well as spiritual activities around the globe.

        Natural and Man-made Calamities:  The notable dates for calamities around the world are likely to be: September 5-7, 17-19, and 28-30.

September  17 - 19: Hurricane Ike.  Power outage and destruction in Houston-Galveston area of the Us Gulf Coast.

      Earthquakes: Based on our earthquake prediction model, the earthquake(s) of magnitude 7 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on September 8-10, 13-15, 20-21 and 24-25.

Sept 8: Region: VANUATU, Geographic coordinates: 13.487S, 166.875E, Magnitude: 7.0 Mw, Universal Time (UTC): 8 Sep 2008 18:52:10, Time near the Epicenter: 9 Sep 2008 05:52:10

Sept 29: Region: KERMADEC ISLANDS, NEW ZEALAND, Geographic coordinates: 29.860S, 177.652W, Magnitude: 7.0 Mw, Universal Time (UTC): 29 Sep 2008 15:19:29, Time near the Epicenter: 30 Sep 2008 03:19:29

There were two earthquakes of magnitude 7 and higher occurred in September as listed above.  While the September 8 earthquake follows the prediction (as listed above) the other one does not.   This is due to the fact the current model does not include the angles formed by Moon with other planets.  It is because Moon's daily motion averages about 13 degrees, practically forming angles with every planet, and therefore Moon's influence is assumed to be the same everyday. 

 This assumption doesn't hold on the days such as above when Moon can form more angles with other planets.  Although we are working on improving the model to include Moon's influence, due to the limited amount of resources the model work is still incomplete.  With adequate resources, we will be able to address this issue.

     While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires

Comments on the last month's  World Financial Markets predictions

World financial markets for September will begin with a bullish tone, then turn to mixed, then bullish, followed by mixed, again bullish and then end the month with mixed.

It must be noted that the basis for the following predictions mainly includes the influence of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars along with the slower moving modern planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. For the ninefold analysis, the fast moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Moon can also influence the outcome of the world markets. However, these influences, although usually insignificant, are difficult to account for as the analysis then becomes too complex to make market predictions.  Therefore, should it become necessary to account for the influence of fast moving planets the timely advanced updates whenever appropriate will be provided.

September 1-4: Bullish

September 5-8: Mixed

September 9-17: Bullish

September 18-19: Mixed

September 20-27: Bullish

September 28-30: Mixed

The world financial markets predictions miserably failed during the month.