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Comments on last month's (July 08) Predictions
Date Posted: July 31, 2008

Comments on Global Predictions for the last month

The first three weeks of July are going to be a bit more positive than usual as those weeks are influenced by auspicious trines. However, the last week of the month may prove to be challenging and stressful from world peace and stability standpoint. The important auspicious planetary configurations for July include: Pluto-Mars trine (June 29-July 2), Uranus-Jupiter ninefold trine (July 20-26), Rahu-Jupiter (July 12-20), Pluto-Saturn (July 13-17) and Neptune-Saturn ninefold sextiles. And the challenging configurations include:  Saturn-Mars conjunction (July 8-11), Rahu-Mars quincunx (July 30- Aug 1)and Pluto-Rahu/Ketu ninefold squares (July 28-Aug 14).

Pluto-Mars trine may become responsible for successful diplomacy between the nations that influence the Middle-East politics. Uranus-Jupiter ninefold trine will reflect in positive activities as far as religion  and spirituality are concerned, and it will be more obvious in the United States. The auspicious ninefold sextiles with Saturn will themselves manifest in economical growth and social well being, especially in Europe. 

On the negative side, Saturn-Mars conjunction will be responsible for renewed violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  The political instability will return in Pakistan.  India may go through difficult period during this period (July 8-11).  The friction between India and Pakistan may intensify. In the United States, corporations may come under pressure and their ugly secrets are likely to come to surface. The renewed violence in the Middle-East will be the manifestation of the ninefold squares between Pluto and the lunar nodes.  During the same period (July 28- Aug 14) natural and man-made calamities will be on rise all around the world.

July 11: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac crisis

The countries that are most likely to be affected during the month would be: United States, Pakistan, India, Middle-East (Iraq, Iran, Palestine and Israel), Europe, and China.

  • United States of America:    

President Bush and his administration:  

President Bush's operating and the currently dominating planet Pluto will continue transiting though the 7th house of his ninefold progressive chart through July. In addition, his other operating planet - Saturn, will transit through the10th house of his progressive chart (the house for his political activities). As a result, he will be forced to deal with new challenges and faced with unexpected crisis involving the international as well as domestic matters. His ability to govern the country will continue its slide, and it will be reflected in his frustration in dealing with the representatives of congress (both republicans and democrats) as well as with his own administration.

The Country:

Saturn-Mars conjunction (July 8-11) may become responsible for corporations to come under pressure to reveal their ugly secrets. Uranus-Jupiter ninefold trine will reflect in positive activities as far as religion  and spirituality are concerned. 

July 11: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac crisis

The Pluto-Rahu/Ketu ninefold squares (July 28 - Aug 14) will manifest in the form of anxiety-filled atmosphere. This may include natural and man-made calamities, dirty presidential politics, and economical crisis. 

Rahu-Mars quincunx (July 30 - Aug 1) is not good for U.S. military, the republic party and the Bush administration. 

For both the democrats and republicans the month doesn't look that bad. Perhaps, for democrats, July may prove to be a bit favorable.

        Russia:  The month may not begin with a positive note but overall July should prove to be positive for Russia. Saturn-Mars conjunction (July 8-11) will reflect in political and social challenges for the government. 

        Europe:  Except for the last week of the month, July looks to be a positive month for the continent. During the last week of the month the emergence of increased friction across the Atlantic (between the USA and European Union) is likely. Also, during the same week, natural and man-made calamities and financial crisis are likely.

        China, Japan, and Pacific-rim countries:  For China the month looks to be good. Increased international goodwill and better economic conditions will be manifestation of trines and sextiles. Also, for Japan and Pacific-rim countries, the month looks to be reasonably positive from economical progress standpoint.

        Middle East:  It seems that until the last week of the month things may appear to be quiet and a bit more peaceful in the region. Of course, July 8-11 may prove to be an exception to this. During the last week of the month (and also during July 8-11) The Rahu-Mars quincunx and Pluto-Rahu/Ketu ninefold squares will be responsible for unrest and violence in Middle-East (Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Pakistan region). 

July 29: Women suicide bombers killed hundreds of Iraqis. 

July 30: Pakistan clash kills 25 Taliban, 5 soldiers

        Religion:  The positive influence of Jupiter-Ketu and Uranus-Jupiter ninefold trines will be reflected in healthy and positive religious activities across the globe during the first three weeks of the month.

        Natural and Man-made Calamities:  The notable dates for calamities around the world are likely to be: July 8-11, 17-19, and 28-31.

      Earthquakes: Based on our earthquake prediction model, the earthquake(s) of magnitude 7 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on July 11-12, 14-15 and 30-31.

July 5: Region: SEA OF OKHOTSK, Geographic coordinates: 53.890N, 153.033E, Magnitude: 7.5 Mb, Universal Time (UTC): 5 Jul 2008 02:12:03, Time near the Epicenter: 5 Jul 2008 13:12:03

July 19: Region: OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN, Geographic coordinates: 37.627N, 142.110E, Magnitude: 7.0 Mw, Universal Time (UTC): 19 Jul 2008 02:39:31, Time near the Epicenter: 19 Jul 2008 11:39:31

There were two earthquakes of magnitude 7 or higher occurred in July as listed above.  As you will notice none of them occurred on predicted date.  This is due to the fact the current model does not include the angles formed by Moon with other planets.  It is because Moon's daily motion averages about 13 degrees, practically forming angles with every planet, and therefore Moon's influence is assumed to be the same everyday. 

 This assumption doesn't hold on the days such as above when Moon can form more angles with other planets.  Although we are working on improving the model to include Moon's influence, due to the limited amount of resources it will take a long time to complete modification.  Hopefully some day. with adequate resources, we will be able to address this issue.

     While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires

Comments on the last month's  World Financial Markets predictions

World financial markets for July will begin with a bullish tone, then turn mixed, then bearish, then again bullish followed by mixed and finally will end the month with a bearish tone.

It must be noted that the basis for the following predictions mainly includes the influence of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars along with the slower moving modern planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. For the ninefold analysis, the fast moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Moon can also influence the outcome of the world markets. However, these influences, although usually insignificant, are difficult to account for as the analysis then becomes too complex to make market predictions.  Therefore, should it become necessary to account for the influence of fast moving planets the timely advanced updates whenever appropriate will be provided.

July 1-5: Bullish

July 6-7: Mixed

July 8-11: Bearish

July 12-26: Bullish

July 27-29: Mixed

July 30-31: Bearish

The world financial markets pretty much followed the predictions except for few days during the month.