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Comments for last month's (June 06) Predictions
Date Posted: June 30, 2006


Comments on Global Predictions for the last month

The month of June may turn out to be one of the turbulent months of 2006 from world stability standpoint as Saturn-Jupiter, Jupiter-Mars regular squares, and Neptune-Saturn, Saturn-Rahu, Saturn-Ketu ninefold squares, and Mars-Saturn conjunction are very likely to manifest into violence, terrorism, suicide bombings, political tensions among world leaders as well as friction between conservatives and liberals. Also, manifestations of these squares and conjunction may include destruction of wealth due to natural and man-made calamities especially during the second half of the month. However, on a positive note, during the first week of the month (till June 6) good news will be reflected in world economic expansion, continued research and technological advances in high-tech, bio-tech, and medical fields, and also in world political stability. 

The countries that are likely to make headline news will be:  Iraq, Iran, Israel, Palestine, European countries, and USA.

  • United States of America:    

President Bush and his administration:  

Although during the entire month of June Neptune trines president Bush's natal Rahu, Uranus, and Jupiter, and therefore relatively making it a favorable month for him from the standpoint of dealing with his own administration, the squaring of Jupiter with his natal Mercury and Pluto, and Saturn's transit over his natal Mercury and Pluto will reflect in his continuous frustration and occupation with post-war Iraq matters. He will certainly have trouble in grasping the picture of changing world political events, and therefore, he is very likely to continue make mistakes in decisions on foreign policy matters. In addition, he must take care of his health and personal safety as Saturn's third and the last transit over his natal Mercury, Pluto, and the ascendant is likely to manifest into an undesirable event. He should also consider staying low key during this month as his ability to govern the nation is likely to reach its yet another lowest level. 

The Country:

The first week of June is positive for the country from international reputation, prestige, economy and technological progress standpoint. However, in the later part of the month, the Uranus-Saturn, Pluto-Saturn ninefold and Uranus-Mars regular quincunx will certainly dominate the news about friction between liberals and conservatives, national security, immigration policies, natural and man-made disasters, and governments declining credibility. 

June 8: Al-Qaeda's Zarqawi killed

For republicans, the third and the last week of the month are not favorable. Saturn-Jupiter square(June16-29) and Mars-Saturn conjunction (June 16-20) will be responsible for turmoil with in the party caused mainly due Bush administration's domestic policies reflecting apparent shift to left. The Saturn-Rahu/Ketu ninefold squares (June 24-27) will prove to be extremely challenging for the party to maintain its poise in both the senate and the house.

For democrats, the second week of the month is not positive as there will be apparent disagreements on several domestic policy issues among senior party leaders of the party to come up with a cohesive party agenda. But then the rest of the month looks to be positive for the party.

        Russia:  The last two weeks of the month will prove to be very challenging for Russia and for the Putin administration in particular. During June 24-27 possibility of an eruption of a new crisis situation and/or a man-made or natural calamity is very high.  Also, internally the covert activities will be on rise, especially during June 21-30. 

        Europe:  For Europe the first week of the month is absolutely fabulous as the positive news will be reflected in economic expansion, general well being and increased morale. However, later on in the month, Saturn-Jupiter (June 16-29) regular and Saturn-Rahu/Ketu (June 24-27) ninefold quincunxes, and Mars-Saturn conjunction (June 16-20) are likely to become responsible for natural and man-made calamities and increased social tension.

        China, Japan, and Pacific-rim countries:  Except for the second half of the month June looks to be positive for China from economical and social progress standpoint. During the second half of the month either natural or man-made calamity or social crisis is likely. The economic growth for China, Japan and the entire pacific-rim region will continue to grow at an enviable pace.

        Middle East:  Violence and suicide bombings in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Palestine-Israel regions will continue to dominate the news during June 15-20 and June 24-29 period.

June 16: Bomber kills 10 in Baghdad mosque

June 17: Attacks in Baghdad kill at least 31

June 19: Al Qaeda says has abducted two US soldiers

June 21: Some 85 Iraqi workers abducted by gunmen

June 26: Bombs kill at least 40 in 2 Iraqi cities

June 29: Israel bombs Islamic University in Gaza: witnesses

        Religion:  The first week of the month will be positive for religious activities all around the world. It's during the second half of the month when the religious authorities will come under severe pressure from public demanding to deliver the promises they have made in the past. 

        Natural and Man-made Calamities:  Uranus-Mars quincunx and Mars-Saturn square, Neptune-Ketu ninefold opposition, and Uranus-Saturn ninefold quincunx, and Saturn-Rahu/Ketu ninefold squares will be responsible for both the natural and man-made disasters during June, especially during June 8-29. In general, June may prove to be a very volatile month from disasters standpoint.

June 3: Bomber kills 28, wounds 62 in Iraqi market

June 5: Gunmen kidnap 50 workers in Iraq

June 19: Flash floods in Houston, Texas

June 21: Some 85 Iraqi workers abducted by gunmen

June 26: Bombs kill at least 40 in 2 Iraqi cities

June 29: Israel bombs Islamic University in Gaza: witnesses

      Earthquakes: Based on our evolving earthquake prediction model, during June the probability of an occurrence(s) of an earthquake(s) of magnitude 7 or higher seem high. Most likely dates for earthquakes of magnitude 7 or higher to occur with decreasing probability (highest probability first) are:  June 19-21, 26-28, 18, 1, 6-7, 10-11, 16, 29, 12, 23-24, and 30.

Although there were about 37 earthquakes during June, and although eleven of them of magnitude 6 and higher occurred on the predicted dates, not a single one of magnitude 7 or higher occurred in June. And therefore, the model failed miserably and  further research is needed to improve the model.

     While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires.

Comments on the last month's  World Financial Markets predictions

World financial markets for June will begin with a mixed to bullish tone for about a week, turn mixed till almost half way into the month, and then during the second half of the month will be bearish most of the time.

It must be noted that the basis for the following predictions mainly includes the influence of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars along with the slower moving modern planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. For the ninefold analysis, the fast moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Moon can also influence the outcome of the world markets. However, these influences, although usually insignificant, are difficult to account for as the analysis then becomes too complex to make market predictions.  Therefore, should it become necessary to account for the influence of fast moving planets the timely advanced updates whenever appropriate will be provided.

June 1-2: Mixed to Bearish

June 3-6: Bullish

June 7-15: Mixed

June 16-30: Bearish

Except for a few days during the last week of the month, the world financial markets seem to follow the predictions pretty close throughout the month.