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Comments for July 2001 Predictions
Date Posted: July 31, 2001

    Your critique/comments about the monthly predictions are most welcome. You could provide them either via e-mail (the feedback link in the top right corner or comment link at the end of this page) or via message board.  Instead of me reviewing this page every month I would appreciate if someone would like to volunteer to review this page and provide unbiased comments either on a regular basis or once in a while.  Thank you. 


Comments on General Global Predictions of the last month

    Early part of July (mostly the first week) seems very positive for most part of the world due to auspicious Neptune-Saturn trine lasting through the first week, but later things are likely to get progressively challenging, especially for the Middle Eastern countries including Israel and Palestine, and Europe due to Pluto-Mars conjunction and Pluto-Saturn opposition. 

    The major planetary configurations that are going to dominate the month are Pluto-Mars conjunction and Pluto-Saturn opposition. Expect the outbreak of violence and terrorist activities, natural as well as man-made calamities, and to some extent, war-like climate in some parts of the world. Tension between Israelis and Palestinians is likely to escalate again at a new level. Some European countries, Russia, and China may experience political as well as social turmoil.

    The continued and escalating exchange of fire and suicide bombing incidents between Israelis and Palestinians, especially during the last week of July, support the above predictions.  With respect to Russia and China, I have not kept up with the news.

    A very high rate of occurrence of natural and man-made calamities, particularly the ones that deal with fire and water all around the world. Rising terrorist activities and warlike climates, and in general, a very high degree of unsteady political climate in the Mid-east area are real possibilities.  Tension between Israel and Palestinians is likely to reach at all time high level. Also, the relationship between India and Pakistan is going to further deteriorate and possibly reach to another low.

    The failed India-Pakistan Agra summit, killings in France and other parts of Europe, escalated renewed tensions between Albanian rebels and ruling party in Macedonia (anti-western violence), floods in West Virginia,  Baltimore train wreck and water main break, Nine dead in Chicago heat, etc, were in the news.

  • United States: For Bush administration, except for the first week of July (July 1-7) the month is likely to get filled with uphill challenges and frustrations. Especially the last week of the month (July 26-31) should prove to be very critical for the administration, and I think during that week the administration is more likely to be faced with failures. While diplomatic initiatives with Russia (July 14-19)are likely to yield some impressive results, domestically the administration is likely to face serious challenges (July 23-31 and July 6-10) on key issues not only from democrats but from republicans as well. 

President Bush's European trip did not yield the positive results that he was looking for.  In addition, he has been challenged by democrats over a lot of key issues that require to be addressed.

Democrats will enjoy July 14-19 period but overall are also likely to run into problems in dealing with their political agenda on the issues that they want to push for in the senate. Republicans (Republic Party, in general) should be very careful during the last week of the month (July 26-31).

            Russia: The first few days of the month (July 1-2) are positive for the country. Then July 14-19 is a good period in dealing with the United States. But the last week of the month (July 26-31) may prove to be a very frustrating for Russian politicians. Natural calamities are likely to hinder the economical progress during this month, especially the second half. 

            China, Hong Kong, and Pacific-rim countries:  The first week of July is positive for China, but then during the second and especially the fourth week is going to be filled with a series of problems both domestics and international. Again both man-made and natural accidents are very likely during this month hindering the economical and political progress. The pacific-rim countries are likely to enjoy the prospects of economical growth during most of this month.

Except Colonel Collin Powell's visit to China during the last week of July I haven't paid any attention to news from china.  Didn't China detained two U.S. Scholars during the fourth week of July?

            Europe:  From stability point of view the month is likely to turn out to be a disastrous month due to Pluto-Saturn opposition. Mars-Pluto conjunction will be responsible for natural and man-made calamities. Especially July 8-23 period is not good.

I have no specific comments. 

            Religion:  In general, during this month the world religious activities will continue to gather momentum.  However, watch out for chaotic situations at religious rallies and congregations. Such chaotic situations may get transformed into social violence. The orthodox are likely to be hard placed, and those who are not willing to consider embracing new positive ideas are likely to be left behind.  In particular, July 12-18, and July 24-26 periods will be crucial for the religious activities around the world.  

The comments from the Pope on embryonic stem cell research and his urging to stop such research when he was met by President Bush shows the possibility of development of potential for a crisis situation in future.

            Natural and Man-made Calamities: Except for the first week the entire month is going to be filled with lot of events dealing with both man-made and natural calamities. The crucial periods are July 10-24, and then July 26-31.

    There were several items that made news to support the above predictions. 

          While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, and accidents, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters in the northern hemisphere, and equally intensive droughts in the southern hemisphere; and thunderstorms, earthquakes, air crashes and fires.


    Comments on the last month's  World Financial Markets predictions

    The important planetary configurations that are going to put pressure on the financial markets in July are: Rahu-Mars ninefold conjunction, Ketu-Mars ninefold opposition, Pluto-Mars conjunction, and Saturn-Pluto opposition. However, the early part of the month looks very positive for the market, and the overall direction of the world financial markets is likely to be bullish.

    It must be noted that the basis for the following predictions mainly includes the influence of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars along with the slower moving modern planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. For the ninefold analysis, the fast moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Moon can also influence the outcome of the world markets. However, these influences, although usually insignificant, are difficult to account for as the analysis then becomes too complex to make market predictions.  Therefore, should it become necessary to account for the influence of fast moving planets the timely advanced updates whenever appropriate will be provided.

    July 1-5:  Bullish to mixed (July 5 may be sharply bearish due to lunar eclipse) 

    July 6-7: Mixed to bullish

    July 8-10: Mixed

    July 11-13: Bearish to mixed

    July 14-19: Mixed to bullish

    July 20-23: Bearish

    July 24-25: Mixed

    July 26-31: Mixed to bearish

    In general, compared to last few months, I didn't do very well this time.  I believe there were more than 6 -7 days which disagreed with my prediction.  Overall, however, 70-75 percent of the time the world markets closely followed the predictions.

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