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Monthly Prediction for September 2000
Date Posted: August 31, 2000
    4) Comments for the previous month's predictions:

Comments for August predictions (For those who are interested in following up the August predictions against the actual events):

The following were the expectations from planetary influence for the month August 

In general, expect a lot of political and economical activities around the world during the first half of this month, and then later in the last week of the month.  Expect some positive developments in religious field, and peacemaking efforts and generally more political stability around the world.


·        United States: The month of August is likely to see few difficult challenges for Clinton Administration during the first (August 1 – 3) and the last week (August 27 – 31) in the political and economical fields. 

I did not keep up with the White House news.  Anybody has comment on the above prediction?

The Republic party is likely to face some challenging issues during August 1 – August 3 period, but in general will continue to enjoy this month in a positive way.  Their presidential nominee is more likely to remain ahead of his democratic counterpart in poll. 

Republic Party has enjoyed its convention, and their nominee is leading the democratic opponent in the poll with a good margin through the entire month.

Democrats are likely to be mired in their difficult and challenging situation during the first week (August 1-August 3) and then later in the last week of the month.  However, they are unlikely to suffer in poll to a level that they can not recover from.

Democratic Party’s convention did help their presidential candidate a little bit to narrow the gap over his opponent’s lead in the poll.  But the Party is still facing challenge of running its campaign with positive outcome.


·        Russia:   The month, in general, doesn’t look too bad.  The country is definitely going to have to face real issues that might cause some uproar during August 8 – August 23 period.  But in my opinion, the outcome is going to strengthen country’s position, especially the ruling party’s position.

Russian submarine crisis did occur in during August 8 through August 23 period.  I’m not really keeping up with Russian politics.  I invite your comments and critique.


·        China, Hong Kong, and Pacific-rim countries: Except for the period of August 7 –10, and also perhaps during August 13 through August 23 period, the month of August is likely to prove to be a positive one, especially in economical area.

Is it true?

 ·        Europe:  In general, Europe is likely to enjoy its good period in the economical and political areas.  However, a possibility of a monetary or political crisis developing during August 8 through August 22 period can not be ruled out.

Not a whole lot of news from Europe!


·        Religion:  A good part of this month is likely to see some positive activities in the religious world.  Religious controversies and problems are likely surface during August 5 – 8.

Have no idea how religious activities around the world evolved during this month.


·        Natural Calamities: Except for August 7-10, and August 27-31 periods, the month is likely to be trouble free. These natural calamities may include extreme weather conditions, droughts, thunderstorms, earthquakes, fires, and natural accidents.

Brush fires in the western part of the USA made a leading story during this month.  It did start and escalated during August 7-10 period, and then continued on for at least week to week and half.

The wildfires in mid-west states escalated to a phenomenal level just around August 27.

·        World financial markets

Financial markets around the world are likely to be not very volatile.  In general, the last week of the month (August 27 through August 31) may prove to be sharply bearish.

August 1 – August 3: Mixed to bearish

August 4 – August 5: Bullish

August 6 – August 8: Mixed to bearish

August 9 – August 10: Bearish

August 11 – August 13: Bullish

August 14 – August 15: Mixed

August 16 – August 23: Bearish

August 24 – August 26: Bullish

August 27 – August 31: Bearish (likely to be sharply bearish)

In general with exception of a day or so, the world financial markets seem to track the above predictions real closely.


Comments anyone?