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Monthly Prediction for May 2000
Date Posted: April, 30th 2000
    4) Comments for the previous month's predictions:

    Comments for April predictions (For those who are interested in following up the April predictions against the actual events): 

    The following were the expectations from planetary influence for the month of April

    In general, the month of April is likely to prove very dynamic with very positive political as well as economical development around the world.  Major discoveries and inventions are likely to dominate news in the high technology and biomedical fields during the first three weeks of the month.  

            United States: Expect for the period of April 4 through April 12, seems like the United States (Clinton administration) is poised to enjoy real favorable period (particularly excellent from April 12-26) in handling both domestic as well as foreign matters. Emergence of a political crisis at the White House during April 4 through April 12 period is likely. However, expect some positive development between Russia and USA as well as between China and USA during the first three weeks of the month.

    Elian Gonzalez crisis occurred during the first week of April.  Have no idea regarding any development between Russia and USA, and China and USA.  Anybody know?.

    Although the Republic party is likely to face some real challenges during the last week of the month, in general the month looks very positive for the party.

    I think, in general, itís pretty much true!

    Except for the first ten days of April Democratic Party is likely to enjoy a favorable period.

    This seems to be True too.

            Russia:   Except for few days (April 5-7 and April 17-18) the month of April looks very positive for Russian politics and economy.  Except greater political stability in Chechnya and other affected areas and development of more positive environment for peace and prosperity during this month.

    I didnít hear any negative news or crisis developing in Russia.

            China, Hong Kong, and Pacific-rim countries: In general expect some positive development leading to favorable relationship between China and Taiwan.

    Have no idea whatís going on between China and Taiwan. Your input  is appreciated

            India-Pakistan:  Expect some development between these countries during April 27 through April 30.

    Donít know anything here.

            Europe:  In general, Europe is likely to enjoy the month with least disruption in political area and continued economical expansion.

    I think this is pretty much inline with what happened in Europe.

            Religion:   Some religious upheaval is likely during April 3 through April 5, and April 15 through April 18.

    When did the Pope visit Israel ?

            World financial markets

    In general, financial markets around the world are likely to experience unusual volatility with mixed results.

    April 1 through April 3: volatile and somewhat bearish

    April 4 through 12: mixed

    April 13 through April 26: likely to be positive and bullish, especially for USA, Japan and Europe

    Update April 15, 2000: I know it's late...but I thought I should mention it. In light of current events in the world financial markets I revisited my analysis. I noticed that I overlooked a very important Saturn-Mars conjuction occurring in the sidereal zodiac sign Aries (incidently Saturn-Mars conjunction occurs every two years, and the one in Aries occur every thirty years. This conjuction is very strong and vicious. Although diminishing, its influence will last through Thursday April 20...)

    April 26 through April 30: mixed  

    It seems the world markets followed pretty much along the line of predictions if you take the April 15 update into account.

    Your comments, questions (feedback) are welcome!

Comments anyone?