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Monthly Prediction for March 2000
Date Posted: March, 1st 2000

    4) Comments for the previous month's predictions:

    Comments for February predictions (For those who are interested in following up the February predictions against the actual events). 

    The following were the expectations from planetary influence for the month February:

    In general, the month of February is likely to be difficult for most of the world.

            United States: Seems like the United States (Clinton administration) is likely enjoy favorable period most part of February (particularly excellent on February 11-13, 19-22) in handling domestic as well as foreign matters.  During February 23 through the end of month, however, expect some real challenges and perhaps crisis for the Republic Party.  There may be forces at work to transform the party at a new level.

    Looks like US did experience period with least crisis.  Republic Party, looks like, in the process of being transformed under the leadership of Mr. McCain. Any comments?

            Russia:   Almost the entire month of February is likely to see turmoil in Russian politics and economy.  Expect some serious and perhaps to some extent positive changes in Russian politics and economy during February 24 through February 29.

    Have no idea whatís happening in Russian politics.  Still read about political instability in certain regions of that country. Can any one make any comments for Russian political and economical conditions in February?

            China, Hong Kong, and Pacific-rim countries: Not a good time for China, Hong Kong, and also Taiwan for most of the month.  Expect some political and economical chaos especially during February 23 through 29.

    Wasnít there some news about disagreement between USA and China over Taiwan?

            India-Pakistan:  Some kind of crisis development very likely further severing the relations between these two countries.

    Not keeping up with news of Indian subcontinent.  Somebody please fill in.

            Europe:  In general, economically speaking Europe is likely to enjoy first part of this month, especially February 11-13, and 15.

    Most of the things I read about Europe and its economy is generally positive. There was no crisis that I know of during February.

            General:   February 11 through February 21 natural calamities and disasters (Earthquake, snow storms, flooding, etc.,) are likely.

    A couple of severe snow-storms were reported for rocky mountain areas and Eastern part of the United States during February 11 through February 21.  Donít remember the exact dates.

            World financial markets

    In general, financial markets around the world are likely to experience unusual volatility, especially Pacific-rim countries including Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    February 1 through 11: volatile and somewhat bearish

    February 11 through February 13 and February 19 through 22: likely to be positive and bullish, especially for USA, Japan and Europe

    February 23 through February 29: likely to be very bearish with exception of a day or so

    Thought the world market pretty much followed the predicted trend and the volatility.

Comments anyone?