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Monthly Prediction for August 2000
Date Posted: July, 31st 2000
    4) Comments for the previous month's predictions:

    Comments for July predictions (For those who are interested in following up the July predictions against the actual events): 

    The following were the expectations from planetary influence for the month of July

    In general, the month of July is likely to be turned out relatively peaceful.  Expect some positive developments in the area of scientific research, more political stability around the world, and creative religious activities all around the globe. The countries that are more likely to be benefited during this month will be Russia, China, and pacific-rim countries.

      United States: The month of July is likely to see some difficult challenges during the first (July 1 – 5), the third week (July 15 - 18), and also during July 21 – July 23, and July 28 – 31 periods in the political and economical fields.

      President Clinton tried very hard (July 15 – 18, and then later July 21- July 23) at the Mid East Summit to achieve some form of peace agreement but with no success.

      The Republic party is likely to enjoy this month since the most of the month is going their way.  Their presidential nominee is more likely to gain ground against his democratic counterpart.

      Governor Bush has been leading Vice President Gore in the poll during most of this month.

      Democrats are likely to suffer their popularity due to unusual events occurring during the first and the third week of this month.  They would be better off by playing low key during this month.

      Issues such as Medicare, Social Security, and others have been difficult for Vice President Gore to exploit to gain lead over his opponent.

      Russia: The month, in general, does look very promising for Russia, especially the latter half of the month.  Pretty much everything will be going their way to achieve more economical progress as well as political stability.

      Russian President’s visit to China seemed very positive.

      China, Hong Kong & Pacific-Rim countries: Except for the period of July 1 –3, the month of July is likely to prove to be the month of positive development, especially in economical and political areaseek (June 21 – June 29) is likely to bring some disastrous results in the region.

      Europe: In general, Europe is likely to enjoy more prosperity in the economical and political areas compared to other continents.  Good period begins on July 7 and continues through July 24.
      Religion: The most of the month is likely to see some positive activities in the religious world.  However, in my opinion, religious controversies are likely surface during July 1 - 5, July 15 - 17, and July 21 - 23.

      Natural Calamities: The likelihood for natural calamities to occur is during July 21 through July 24, and also July 28 through July 31. These natural calamities may include extreme weather conditions, droughts, thunderstorms, earthquakes, fires, and natural accidents.

      Although it may not fall under natural calamity event, the crash of Concorde in Paris occurred on July 25, 2000 (It didn’t quite occur between July 21 and July 24 though)

  • World Financial Markets:

    Financial markets around the world are likely to continue to be volatile. A sharp volatility is likely to occur during July 20 through July 23.  In general, Russia, China, Japan and Pacific-rim countries are likely to see more positive development in their markets.

      July 01-05 and 11-16: Likely to be bearish.

      July 06-10, 17-19 and 24-28: are likely to be bullish.

      July 28-31: Likely to be mixed.

      July 20 through 23: period is likely to be very volatile, sharp declines for financial markets around the world are likely.

    This is probably by far the worst month where my predictions for world financial markets have turned out to be quite off. Thus, for July 11-July 16, July 17-July 19, and July 24 – July 28 periods are concerned…predictions have been off; really failed miserably!.  However, excluding these periods, world financial markets pretty much followed the predictions.


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