Principles of Vedic astrology - Part II

A flow of Light Energy


Sept 28 - Oct 10 (Saturday Sept 28, 2-4:30 PM)

(Tuesdays Oct 1 and 8; Thursdays Oct 3 and 10-- 7-9:30 PM, CDT) 

Vedic Astrology dates back to about 5000 BC. The first record of Vedic Astrology is in the Vedas.  The Vedas are ancient scriptures. There are four Vedas. Vedic astrology is a part of the fourth Veda-- the Atharva Veda which is a body of scientific knowledge. Vedic astrology is called “Jyotish” in Sanskrit, meaning A Flow of Light Energy.   Vedic Astrology includes the Sun and the Moon and the personal planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the lunar nodes-Rahu and Ketu. Since the modern planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were not known (or discovered) when the Vedas were written; traditional Vedic astrology does not consider them in chart analysis.  However, since their discovery, these planets have become a part of our human consciousness, and therefore, rightfully, contemporary Vedic astrologers include them in their analysis and they will be included in this course.

The Principles of Vedic Astrology are presented in two parts, Part I and Part II. The prerequisite for Part II is Part I.  Part II will cover the prediction part of the analysis that includes the timeline. You will learn the most important concept of planetary cycles based on the lunar position in the natal chart--Dasha system. The incorporation of the Gochar (transit) and the Navamansha (Ninefold) Gochar (transit) chart in concert with the Dasha system will then follow.  And finally the inclusion of the relationship of the transiting planets with respect to their natal chart positions will be explained. 

You will continue working with your natal chart from Gochar (transit).  Step by step you will construct and interpret the Gochar (transit).  Natal and Navamansha (Ninefold) charts will be used to develop an in-depth understanding of the Gochar (transit) and the Navamansha (Ninefold) Gochar (transit) chart.  With active student participation this course is expected to be fun and an enjoyable learning exploration. In addition several example charts will be used to enhance the learning experience.

Course materials from each class will be emailed to you at least few days in advance for learning at your own pace. 

Session I

        Planetary Cycles - Wishomtari Dasha 

        Session II  

  Various systems of  Gochar (transiting charts)  

  Natal Lunar based, Natal ascendant based, Navamansha (Ninefold) ascendant based and Dashas,   Operating Planets (planets in the constellations of Dasha rulers)

        Session III

Gochar (transit) and the Navamansha (Ninefold) Gochar (transit) charts ---Interpretation  

            Session IV 

 Examples----George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and others  

 Planetary Transits  

           Session V

Example chart---Integration of natal, Navamansha (Ninefold) natal, Gochar (transit) and the Navamansha (Ninefold) Gochar (transit) chart with relationship between the Gochar (transiting) planets with respect to the natal chart.

offered via SKYPE and SKYPE ID is required. 

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Class size is limited.

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