The following lists a sample of some of the recent testimonials that were received by email.  Because of integrity and full confidentiality Astro Insight can not disclose the identity of their clients, and therefore, client initials are listed. Most of the clients prefer to provide verbal feedback.


  • I just wanted to reach out to you to let know that the information you provided was right on.

    You may not remember but you said I will have a full time job before August 4th and I started a full time role August 2nd. I am amazed the way you were able to read my chart.

    I am curious to know how you were able to do that and also what was the reason I lost my job.


    R. P.

  • I wanted to let you know that my daughter's surgery went well and she is recovering pretty good.  Thank You for everything.

M. P.

  • You provided a reading for my older sister in Sept 09. You predicted that she would get her residency in the latter part of 09 and that she would make a trip in the first quarter of 2010. Both of these predictions have come true. My older sister got a residency in Internal Medicine (NYC) around Christmas 2009. She made a trip to India in March and should come back in mid April.

    V. K.

  • I just wanted to tell you 2 good news as per your prediction:

1) I got a raise...

2) I bought a house, settlement date is march. It is a brand new house in a complex of 89 houses, 7km from my work place. I just clicked with the house.

R. P.

  • As per your prediction my brother-in-law earned Rs.150 crores in April.

O. B.

  • As per your prediction in early March 2013:" I will experience professional and financial success by May 2013". It came true in following months.
    During first quarter of 2013 my performance appraisal was excellent. My boss was very pleased with the results I brought to the business. In late March, 2013, my boss gave me a handsome raise of 10% and my salary and benefits increased.
    I was also sent by the company for specialized training for a critical assignment. I am now considered a "specialist" in my field of specialization and I assist other company sites in achieving desired business results. "

    P.  V.