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World Financial Markets Predictions for August 2002
Date Posted: July 31, 2002

    For the world financial markets, the month of August is very likely to begin with a bearish trend, however, later in the month markets are likely to turn bullish, and possibly finish the month with net gains.  In general, the planetary configurations that are going to affect the financial markets are: Pluto-Rahu ninefold regular and ninefold oppositions, and Pluto-Saturn ninefold square will influence markets to become volatile and bearish. However, Rahu-Saturn, Uranus-Rahu, and Rahu-Jupiter ninefold trines and Uranus-Saturn ninefold conjunction will provide favorable atmosphere for the world financial markets to rise.   

    It must be noted that the basis for the following predictions mainly includes the influence of the planets Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars along with the slower moving modern planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. For the ninefold analysis, the fast moving planets like Mercury, Venus, Sun, and Moon can also influence the outcome of the world markets. However, these influences, although usually insignificant, are difficult to account for as the analysis then becomes too complex to make market predictions.  Therefore, should it become necessary to account for the influence of fast moving planets the timely advanced updates whenever appropriate will be provided.

    August 1-3:  Bearish

    August 4-5: Bearish to mixed

    August 6: Mixed

    August 7: Mixed to bullish

    August 8-9: Mixed to bearish

    August 10: Bearish

    August 11-14: Mixed

    August 15-21: Mixed to bearish

    August 22-24: Mixed

    August 25-28: Bullish

    August 29-30: Mixed to bullish

    August 31: Bullish



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