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Monthly Prediction for April 2000
Date Posted: April, 1st 2000
    2) World Financial Markets ?

    In general, financial markets around the world are likely to experience unusual volatility with mixed results.

      April 01 through 03: Volatile and somewhat bearish.

      April 04 through 12: mixed.

      April 13 through 26: likely to be positive and bullish, especially for USA, Japan and Europe

      Update April 15, 2000: I know it's late...but I thought I should mention it. In light of current events in the world financial markets I revisited my analysis. I noticed that I overlooked a very important Saturn-Mars conjuction occurring in the sidereal zodiac sign Aries (incidently Saturn-Mars conjunction occurs every two years, and the one in Aries occur every thirty years. This conjuction is very strong and vicious. Although diminishing, its influence will last through Thursday April 20. .

      April 27 through 30: mixed.

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