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Consulting Services

Astro Insight provides individuals with useful information relevant to their lives based on the scientific method of Astrology. The following indicate certain common type of services and the associated charges for the service. Please understand that Astrology is a very complex science and requires a lot of customized research based upon each individual's charts.

Payment Methods:  online paypal, online major credit cards, or check (mailing address). Also, will need birth information (Date, Time, and Place) via email for birth chart reading.



Consulting Services

Fee (in US $)

Online Course - Principles of Vedic astrology Part I

  • A six week online course of Principles of Vedic astrology - Part I

$ 150.00

Online Course - Principles of Vedic astrology Part II

  • A six week online course of Principles of Vedic astrology - Part II

$ 150.00

Online Lecture Series or Vedic Chart interpretation

  • $30 per two hour session

$ 30.00 per session

Horary Chart Reading

  • If birth information is not known, still can answer the (just one) question for which you are genuinely seeking an (astrological) answer
  • Up to 45 minutes of consultation

$ 125.00

Birth Chart Reading

  • Overview (Essence of horoscope: personality, strengths and weaknesses, hidden talents, etc.)
  • Near term outlook (3 to 6 months) includes profession, relationship, travel, money matters, health, and almost anything that you have on your mind
  • Up to 55 minutes of consultation
  • House Call: $400 for the first chart and $125 for each additional chart

$ 150.00

Business Astrology

  • Deals with any business related question without revealing details...no birth information required.
  • Up to 55 minutes of consultation

$ 150.00

Birth Chart  Compatibility (Matching)

  • For Marriage, Business Partnership, or any other relationship
  • Up to 55 minutes of consultation

$ 150.00

Consulting on a regular basis 

  • 4 Times a year

$ 500.00

In-depth monthly consulting

  • Includes in-depth monthly day-by-day analysis based on extensive research on individual's chart and provides useful insight for (and timing of) important events.

$ 600.00/mo

Dwelling (Feng Shui, Wastushastra) consulting

  • Includes in-depth inspection and consequent recommendations of auspicious arrangement and layout of your existing dwelling (house) with respect to natal charts of individuals who own and live in the house.  Must consult for optimum benefits if you are having build your own house.
  • Mini consulting:  $75  Includes basic recommendations without taking in to account the natal charts of individuals who own and live in the house.

$ 300.00

 Entertainment Parties

  • Includes information about Vedic astrology in an entertaining fashion to quickly assess the ball park characteristics of an individual just by looking at him or her.  Fun way to learn astrology. $125/hour (minimum 2 hours) and for only Houston and surrounding locations.

$ 250.00


Cost (in US $)

Book: "It's All in Timing"

  • Cost includes postage and handling for USA


$ 23.00 

World Financial Markets Prediction Annual Subscription


Vedic natal and ninefold chart software

  • Software covers 4 pages of information as outlined in the above book. This information is just what you need to complete a natal chart analysis.  It includes sidereal planetary positions and house cusps with their constellation (Nakshatra's) lord and sub-lord, Vishontari Dasa, list of house signifiers, and Ninefold natal chart.  The cost includes postage and handling. Read Me file provides instructions necessary to install and run the software.

$ 60.00 

Courses in Houston

  • Introduction to Vedic astrology  I
  • Introduction to Vedic astrology II
  • Vedic astrology workshop
  • Relationships and Compatibility Analysis


$35 ($40 at the door) per session

$35 ($40 at the door) per session 

$75 ($90 at the door)

$40 ($50 at the door)

Electional (Muhurat) Astrology

  • Recommendation of an auspicious time (or date) to start a new business, new venture, start living in a new home, etc., based on the natal chart and the current planetary positions.




  • Enter your amount in multiple of $10.