Astro Insight Downloads
    1)   Astro Insight Natal Chart Trial Version

    After downloading the folder, some of you may get virus alert by your anti-virus program.  If asked if the file comes from the trusted source, say YES.  After extracting all files from the compressed folder, I strongly recommend that the very first thing you do is READ the README file.

     The software features are as follow:  

    1.       The planetary calculations are most accurate since they are based on the planets fundamental elements combined with the data from NASA that account for daily oscillation influence of the outer planets.  It does not employ the daily ephemeris data  and interpolate for time of birth.  

    2.       The graphical representation of natal chart uses the North Indian Style (Diamond shape) Vedic chart.  And you have four options to choose from:  Tropical /Placidus (Western chart with Placidus House division); Tropical/ Whole House (Western chart with Whole House Division System); Sidereal /Placidus (Vedic Chart (Lahiri) with Placidus House division) and Sidereal /Whole House (Vedic chart with Whole House Division)  

    3.       The graphical chart stays on the screen as long as you want and it only goes away after you exit the screen with pressing any key from you keyboard.  

    4.       A bitmap (with.BMP extension) is created for you to Print your chart and for future reference which you can always open it on demand.  

    5.       More in README while once you down load the  30-day trial version.  

    I would appreciate your valuable feedback since itís a new product, and your feedback will be used to improve the features of this product to suit your taste.  If you like this product and want to buy it please let us know, and itís offered at a very reasonable price of $99.