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April 16, 2015:Check out this recent post.  It's an article, titled, "Wishonttari Dasha in Vedic Chart Predictions ", recently published in NCGR Geocosmic Journal, Winter/Spring 2015.  

March 31, 2015

Monthly Global Prediction for April 201


About the upcoming total lunar eclipse (April 4) ........

A total lunar eclipse occurs on April 4, approximately during the hours of 10:20 - 14:00 GMT.  This eclipse will be visible in the western part of the North American continent (Rocky Mountain region, Pacific coast of the United States, western Canada and Mexico), pacific island regions including Hawaii, Japan, Eastern China, Pacific-rim countries and Australia.

This eclipse is important since the Sun and Moon will be within 4 degrees from Ketu and Rahu respectively, and therefore will last for about 3-4 hours from the beginning to the end. The eclipse will occur with the Southern or descending node Ketu, in the sidereal zodiac sign Pisces and the ascending node Rahu in Virgo . Consequently this eclipse, according to Vedic astrology, is likely to be unfavorable for those who have sidereal Pisces or Virgo rising or Pisces or Virgo as moon sign. 

For those who have the lunar nodes in conjunction with either Sun or Moon in their natal charts, should watch-out.  It's not a good day!  Take extra precaution and perhaps avoid any sort of outdoor activity.

On world scene, the western part of the United Sates, western Canada, Pacific island region including Hawaii, Japan, eastern China, Pacific-rim countries and Australia might get affected with undesirable events.


     Global Predictions......

The Saturn-Mars (April 4-6) quincunx may become responsible for a short term but very intensive friction between India and Pakistan. Terrorism and violence, especially in Israel-Palestine area will be on rise. Outbreak of an undesirable happening, and strong occurrences of both natural and man-made calamities are real possibilities.

The manifestation of the Neptune-Rahu (April 8 - May 2) quincunx may be reflected in social and economic turmoil in Russia. Covert activities around the world may find a new momentum (but because of Neptune's secretive character we may never know) with regard to terrorism and other international conflicts.

The Rahu-Mars (April 11-13) quincunx is likely to be responsible for both natural and man-made calamities causing destruction and loss of lives worldwide.

The influence of the Pluto-Rahu ninefold quincunx (April 19 - May 2) maybe reflected in an eruption of new waves of violence in the Palestine-Israel, Syria and  Afghanistan-Pakistan regions. And perhaps, towards the end of this period the resulting changes might become irreversible. In addition, world religions in general, and religious leaders in particular, may experience themselves having to go through crisis that demand changes. In other words, the orthodox religious leaders may come under social and moral pressures to change the way they handle their responsibilities. 

The ninefold squares of Neptune with the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu (April 17-24) are likely to become responsible for accelerations of secret activities all around the world including political covert activities. Social confusion and chaos in countries like Russia and China is a real possibility.


About President Obama....

Presently President Obama's operating planets (the planets that influence him most) are Mercury and Jupiter. The month begins with Mercury in sidereal Pisces (and in the 8th house of his progressive chart). On April 12, Mercury enters sidereal Aries (and therefore in the 9th house of his progressive chart), and on April 27 into Taurus (the 10th house of his progressive chart).

Since the eighth house Mercury is favorable (political gains and success) for him, until April  12, he is likely to enjoy Mercury's positive energy to successfully deal with the both international and domestic issues.  However the 9th house Mercury means obstacles, delays and confrontations, and therefore, he will have tough time navigating through daily chores and dealing with his adversaries until April 27. The last few days of the month, being favorable (political gains, success, etc.,) he is likely to end the month on a positive note.

The other planet, Jupiter remains retrograde until April 9 and then becomes stationary and direct. Jupiter is presently transiting through the 12th house of his progressive chart, and in his ninefold progressive chart, through the 5th house for the entire month of April.  As a result, his efforts are likely to see bearing fruits, especially after April 12th, towards immigration (12th house) bill and possibly successful (5th house) completion of his current efforts in international matters.


About USA.....

The omnipresent square of Uranus with Pluto (Nov 22 - April 6) means the continuation of the  political drama (Home Land security and Immigration) between the Obama administration and the both houses of congress.

Uranus-Saturn ninefold trine (April 17-22) may mean a wonderful period for the USA to make some extraordinary progress in enhancing her image both internationally and domestically.

The manifestation of the the Uranus-Rahu ninefold trine (April 4-9) may be reflected in more agreements between the republicans and democrats on the pressing current issues and as a result, the bills that have been over due are likely to be passed.    (More)

Earthquakes: Based on the latest earthquake prediction model III (yet to be published) the earthquake(s) of magnitude 7 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on April 4, 14, 21, 24-27 and 29.   Please note that these dates refer to the Universal time (GMT). For your convenience, the earthquake predictions for the entire year 2015 is provided at Earthquake Predictions 2015(More)


Individual Predictions

Pluto-Neptune ninefold trine (March 31 - April 24)

If in your birth chart Pluto is in sextile with Neptune or Pluto-Neptune form a ninefold trine, and if either of these planets is currently influencing your life via your current progressive chart, then you are very likely to be positively affected by this trine.  Depending on the houses these planets occupy in your birth chart, you are going to have a positive experience in that particular field. Enjoy this experience!   (More)


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