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Monthly predictions for July 2017

June 30, 2017

Retrograde Saturn's return to the sidereal Scorpio (June 22 - Oct 24)

On June 22, the retrograde Saturn returned to the sidereal zodiac sign Scorpio, and it will remain retrograde in Scorpio till August 25.  After becoming direct on August 25, it will stay in Scorpio until October 24.  Then it reenters sidereal Sagittarius and remains there till January 23, 2020.

Scorpio being the water and fixed sign, for the next four months, Saturn will strongly influence the world psyche, world religions, commerce, and economy. In addition, Scorpio (disease, epidemics) Saturn (restrictions, challenges) can be very conducive for spreading of viruses.  Scorpio being a water sign (emotions, violence) and ruled by Mars (aggression, power and violence), it is the most complicated (misunderstood) sign of the zodiac, and when Saturn (the planet of restriction and challenges) transits through this sign, typical manifestation of this transit are: wars, violence, disagreements, sufferings, mental sickness, injustice, famine and chaos in general.

Those who have Saturn in Scorpio will see their lives transformed to a new setting (Saturn return) due to a drastic change (mostly at emotional and psychological level). In my opinion, it's going to be a very positive and exciting four months for those who have dominant Saturn in their birth chart and have Virgo, Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn as their natal ninefold (Navmansha) ascendant. 

On a world political scene, countries like India and Pakistan will make news headlines. Covert activities in most part of the world will be on rise. Terrorism or terrorist activities will gain new found momentum with increasing number of incidences. The Middle-East region will continue to be the battle ground, especially the countries like Syria, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Turkey and Iran.

About President Donald Trump and his challenges......

President Trump's operating planets (the planets that presently influence him most) continue to be Saturn, Venus, Pluto and Ketu. 

During July, the retrograde Saturn will be in sidereal Scorpio (the sixth house of his progressive chart) and in his ninefold progressive chart Saturn will be in the 10th house.  Venus will be in sidereal Taurus, the 12th house of his progressive chart.  

From Dasa standpoint, while Saturn tends to become slightly more favorable  for making it easy for him to move forward possibly with his health care, tax reform and budget agenda, the 10th house resident ninefold Saturn will be responsible for more challenges in dealing with foreign affairs and adversaries. The 12th house resident transiting Venus will probably divert his attention to women and sexual affairs.  (Interestingly, the latest saga of the MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski occurred the day Venus entered his 12 house of his progressive chart.)   In addition, Pluto, being in the 7th house of his progressive chart, will continue to make matters more difficult for him to deal with, especially with his own cabinet members.

More importantly, when the planetary transits with respect to his natal chart are considered, the transiting retrograde Saturn has been opposing his natal Sun (June 8 - July 10) and as a result, he is very likely to face stiff legal challenges and will find them extremely difficult to deal with.  Additionally, the same transiting retrograde Saturn will oppose his natal Rahu (July 10 - Oct 10) after July 10.  As a result, he is likely to delve in matters that will prove to be self destructive. Furthermore, the transiting retrograde Saturn conjuncts his natal Moon (June 28 - Aug 10) during this month, and the manifestation of this transit will possibly be reflected in family crisis and his separation from his family members.

Thus, while the operating planets are not so unfavorable for him from the Dasa cycle standpoint, and the influence of transiting retrograde Saturn as explained above, may become responsible for yet another challenging month for him to deal with people around him.

Also,  As indicated last October in my  US 2016 Presidential Election prediction,  column, as reproduced below, there was a very strong possibility that President Trump would have difficulty remaining in power and have to let that power go. 

"However, I must add that, regardless of the election outcome, the destiny of the United States, which in my opinion, is very much dependent on the transiting Uranus. And because the retrograde Uranus being temporarily back in the sidereal Pisces and will not return to sidereal Aries (the cardinal fire sign) until April 2017, there's a strong possibility that the election outcome may not matter come April 2017.  Without being sensationalizing and dramatizing the future of the United States, I think that when Uranus returns to sidereal Aries in April 2017 it will certainly and drastically change the political landscape. As a result, it's very likely that the person who will be the leading the world's powerful nation then as the president of the USA will be a different one."     

While the strong possibility of President Trump let his power go has not so far materialized, he is not out of woods yet as the transiting retrograde Saturn will oppose his natal Sun (June 8 - July 10) (self destructive) and his natal Rahu (July 10 - Oct 10)  (demeaning, impulsive, arrogant and vicious); quincunx his natal Saturn (May 28 - June 27); and conjuncts his natal Moon (June 28 - Aug 10) (family crisis).  These four hits of the transiting retrograde Saturn are crucial for him to overcome until the Saturn becomes direct (August 25) and then again the transiting Saturn sweeps through the same part of the zodiac making the same four aspects (hits) till the end of the year that he must overcome.  


About Uranus's entry in sidereal Aries ........

One of the important planetary events of 2017 is the transit of the modern planet Uranus from sidereal Pisces to Aries. It was stationed in Pisces until April 6, 2017 and then entered Aries, and will stay in Aries for the next seven years or so. 

Uranus, being the planet of change, will certainly affect the matters related to Aries in a big way. Aries being the fire and cardinal sign, which is very suitable for independent, ambitious, energetic, impulsive and crazy Uranus, the changes in world political landscape is going to be tremendously influenced by Uranus's transit in Aries. The people who are most affected by this transit are military personnel, business and political leaders.  In scientific and technological areas expect a lot of drastic changes and emerging new ideas will find their way into innovations and discoveries.  The scientific and technological growth rate will rise at a very rapid pace.  A new wave of world political and corporation leaders with their new perspectives on world order will certainly transform our world in next 6-7 years to a new level to which we must adjust to. 

On individual level for those who have Aries ninefold ascendant should get ready for a brand new cycle of change, especially a very pronounced cycle if Uranus is a dominant planet in their birth charts. The changes that might occur would be sudden and would deal with pretty much all aspects of life including marriage, profession, surroundings, common perceptions and beliefs, and the way of living.  


Global Predictions......

The important challenging planetary configurations for July include Pluto-Uranus (July 1-13) ninefold opposition, Pluto-Mars (July 1-2) opposition, Saturn-Mars (July 7-9) and Neptune-Jupiter (June 14 - July 30) quincunxes and Uranus-Mars (July 15-18) square.

The Pluto-Uranus (July 1-13) ninefold opposition could bring a unique change in the way the Trump administration deals with other nations with respect to its war against terrorism and other agendas, and also with its domestic matters. There will be a transformation of a political strategy that might become responsible for a change in the current political agenda, and foreign policy matters of the Trump administration as the planet Pluto with its tremendous energy has a power of irreversibly transforming the field of politics to a new level or setting with a new set of norms. Expect some serious issues that the Trump administration could get tangled with.

The Pluto-Mars (July 1-2) opposition may become responsible for a sudden outbreak of an undesirable happening,  possibilities of both natural and man-made calamities. The countries that are most likely to be affected during this period would be the Syria, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel, and the United States.

The Saturn-Mars (July 7-9) quincunx may become resposible for a short term but very intensive friction between India and Pakistan. Terrorism and violence, especially in Israel-Palestine area will be on rise. Outbreak of an undesirable happening, and strong occurrences of both natural and man-made calamities are real possibilities.

The manifestation of the direct quincunx of Jupiter with Neptune (June 14 - July 30) maybe reflected in the challenges with the earthshaking ideas that the world religions are likely to face and must attend to. New controversial issues will take the central stage in the religious world. Religious leaders will be challenged as they are going to be put on the test. Those who are willing to be open minded and ready to listen and act on new and fresh ideas without losing morality, are the ones that going to be responsible to guide people. Others are likely to fade away with time.   

The Uranus-Mars (July 15-18) square is likely to become responsible for a possibility of some sudden outbreak of an undesirable happening and strong possibilities of both natural and man-made calamities. 


The important auspicious planetary configuration for July include Uranus-Saturn (June 2-24) ninefold sextile.

Uranus-Saturn (June 2-24) ninefold sextile means religious activities all around the world are likely to expand with new vigor and energy, conservatives will find ways to compromise with liberals on sticky issues. Democrats and Republicans will agree on more matters than the ones they disagree.  This is a good time to get those lingering bills passed in U.S. Congress and Senates. China and Russia are likely to experience some mild setbacks in their foreign policies, especially the ones that deal with the United StatesThis is a good period for the United States from the standpoint of economic expansion and scientific and technological advances. It also may mean drastic (and perhaps positive) changes in the government of the United States.  

The countries that are more likely to be affected during this month are:  The United States, Russia, China, the Middle East (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan and Palestine-Israel regions), India and European countries.    (More)  


Earthquakes: Based on the Earthquake prediction model III the earthquake(s) of magnitude 7 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on July  1-2, 5, 13-14, 18-19, 21, 30-31.  Please note that these dates refer to the Universal time (GMT). For your convenience, the earthquake predictions for the entire year 2017 are provided at Earthquake Predictions 2017.  


Individual Predictions

Neptune-Jupiter Quincunx (June 14 - July 13)

Both Jupiter and Neptune are considered as auspicious planets. While Jupiter deals with outward and material things Neptune's influence on us is very abstract and subtle. For those who have such quincunx in their birth charts, and if they have any one of these planets influencing them through the current progressive cycle are certainly going to experience a period of test and confusion with regards to their beliefs and moral values that they have been attached to. It's time to reflect! It's time to stay course with regards to moral values.  Your surroundings and apparent nature of people surrounding you is likely to seem to be deceptive but just hang in there. (More)


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