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Date posted: September 30, 2016


About 2016 US Presidential Election prediction.........

Based on information obtained from Astro-data Bank (Astro.Com) with Rodden rating AA, Mr. Trump's birth details are:  

Birth Date: June 14, 1946

Birth Time: 10:54 AM (EDT)

Birth Place: Jamaica, New York  (40N41, 73W48)  

For Secretary Clinton, no verified birth information is available.  Among the two publicly available birth times (8:02 AM and 8:00 PM) , none of them seem to fit her characteristics and life events satisfactorily.   Assuming the actual birth time is closer to one of these times, through the process of rectification, I have come up with her birth time  8:10 AM as the basis for this analysis.


Birth Date: October 26, 1947

Birth Time: 8:10 AM (CST)

Birth Place: Chicago, Ill (41N51, 87W39)


The analysis is based on the sidereal zodiac system with Placidus house division, and the method of interpretation is mostly according to Vedic astrology.  

Donald  J  Trump

Mr. Trump was fittingly born under Leo ascendant (rising sign) as a very independent minded person with heavy chips on his shoulders, lot of fire and a charismatic personality. As shown in his sidereal natal chart below, the ascendant ruler, Taurus Sun, occupies the tenth house, the house of profession, business, politics, fame and prestige, and thus making him a person whose entire life revolves around the sole purpose of accumulating wealth.  The tenth house cusp ruler, Cancer Venus, occupies the 11th house, potentially assuring him success in any business endeavors he might pursue.  


Sidereal Natal Chart of Donald J Trump

In addition, the most striking planetary configuration in his birth chart is the placement of the lunar nodes, Rahu (the north lunar node) and Ketu (the south lunar node).  Mr. Trump was born just a few hours prior to the beginning of a total lunar eclipse.  If he were born during the eclipse period, the story would be entirely different and I wouldn't be writing about him.  And also, he was born during late morning hours when the Moon was not visible, minimizing the direct influence of the eclipse. 

Nonetheless, he was born close to the eclipse.  As a result, the first house ruler Sun conjuncts Rahu in the tenth house and the 12th house ruler Moon conjuncts Ketu in the fourth house.  Since the materialistic Rahu loves the tenth house, Rahu in the tenth house with a very powerful Sun (being the ruler of the first house, yogakaraka planet) makes him an extraordinarily egoist and wealthy professional.  Furthermore, the Taurus Uranus is with in three degrees with Rahu in the tenth house, providing him with the possibility of becoming the leader of the USA since Uranus very closely matches the characteristics of the USA.  

It's interesting to note the presence of Rahu-Uranus conjunction in both President George W Bush and Barack Obama's natal charts. Thus, Rahu-Uranus conjunction may be used as one of the litmus-tests to confirm a potential of becoming the president of the USA.  Therefore, it's not surprising (despite totally unexpected) that Mr. Donald Trump became the presidential nominee of the Republican Party in July 2016.

In my opinion, typically, the axis along which the lunar nodes lie in a natal chart, defines the axis of the major challenges in life for that person.  Thus, for Mr. Trump that axis lies through the 4th-10th house. It is clearly evident from his life experiences that most of the ups and downs that he experienced in his life dealt with the 4th house (real estate, home, house, construction) and the 10th house (profession, business, politics, etc.,).  Also, Sun (showmanship) being in Taurus ruled by Venus (celebrity) in the 10th house and the 10th house ruler Venus in the 11th house (fame) makes him a famous celebrity.  However, according to Vedic astrology, if the first house ruler conjuncts Rahu, then typically person has a character flaw, and invariably this flaw eventually brings the person down.  In Mr. Trump's case the first house ruler Sun conjuncts Rahu in the 10th house with in three degrees, and therefore despite Rahu's favorable position in the tenth house and in Taurus sign, the possibility exists that Mr. Trump might likely to do himself in and bring himself down.

Other important planetary configurations in his natal chart include the placement of Virgo (material wealth) Jupiter (5th, 8th and the 9th house ruler) in the second house making him a person born in a large, rich and well to do family, and blessed with wonderful children and lucky!   The 4th house ruler, Leo Mars in the 12th house means he is stubborn and loves being confrontational.

The placement of Rahu and Sun in his ninefold natal chart (below) in the cardinal fourth house on the 4th-10th axis confirms the dominance of Sun and Rahu in his natal chart.


Mr. Trump’s Ninefold Natal Chart

In addition, Uranus occupies the third, Pluto seventh and Venus second house in his ninefold natal chart.  Uranus being the unconventional planet of change occupying the adventurous and dynamic third house aptly confirms its tenth house strength in his natal chart.  And since Uranus exhibits the characteristics of the USA, Trump's chart seems to closely tied with the destiny of the USA.  No wonder he could successfully tap into the psyche of this country and people. 


Secretary Clinton  

Secretary Clinton was born under Scorpio ascendant (rising sign). Scorpio is a fixed and  water sign ruled by fiery Mars.  The first house ruler, Cancer Mars, resides in the 9th house making her a very independent person, who is fortunate and blessed in always having ample opportunities.  The presence of Scorpio Jupiter (the ruler of the second and the fifth house) in the first house makes her an optimist, matured, analytical, lucky and popular.  She is amiable, helping and caring in nature and the same time very emotional (Cancer Mars).  One of her unique challenges in her life is to having to deal with situations where she is forced to reconcile between the tendency of ambitious Mars to be very possessive and self-centered and at the same time (due to presence of Jupiter in the first house and the water (Scorpio) sign nature of being caring and helping those who desperately need help) to deal with her emotional nature.  As a result, there are times she fails and is misunderstood.



Secretary Clinton’s sidereal natal chart  

Due to the conjunction of the political planet Cancer Pluto with the first house ruler Mars in the ninth house of her natal chart, her destiny (Pluto) literally forces her towards politics.  In addition, the presence of Cancer Saturn (another political planet), the ruler of the third (her adventurous spirit) and the fourth (life time achievements) paves her way to politics in a natural way.  Due to the disposition of Cancer Saturn in the ninth house, she is intelligent, lawyer, enjoys long journeys, very emotional and fortunate.

But the most striking planetary combinations in her natal chart is the presence of lunar nodes right on the first and the seventh house cusps making her extremely powerful person.  While the lunar node Rahu (north node) on the 7th house cusp reflects her material (and therefore, political) ambitions and achievements, the south node Ketu (due to the presence of Jupiter in the first house) provides her with the non-materialistic tendencies that she must accommodate in her life.  These nodes reflect her perpetual challenges she faces all through her life making her feel not totally satisfied despite all her remarkable  achievements. 

Another important political planet, the tenth house ruler Libra Sun in the eleventh house of her natal chart practically assures her political prestige, fame, prosperity, popular lead personality and wealth.  The ninth house ruler, Aquarius Moon in the fourth house makes her intelligent, lucky, loving mother, wealthy, happy in her family life, attached to her mother and daughter, adorable and blessed.

However, the eighth and the eleventh house ruler, Libra Mercury, in the twelfth house certainly is responsible for challenges that creates the perception about her being as "untrustworthy".  When Mercury rules the eighth house and occupies the twelfth house of the natal chart, it has a tendency to get the person in trouble, and if not careful and aware, the person can get into situations where he or she may be perceived by others as untrustworthy.

The placement of the trio of the political planets (Mars, Pluto and Rahu) in the 7th house, as shown in her ninefold natal chart below, conforms that Secretary Clinton becomes the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.  Also, note the favorable placement of Saturn in the 9th house and Uranus in the 4th house in her ninefold natal chart, further strengthening her natal chart from the standpoint of having potential to become the leader of the free world.


Secretary Clinton's  Ninefold Natal Chart


Interestingly, both the candidates share some important  planetary combinations in their ninefold natal birth charts. Pluto, the planet of politics and transformation, is the key in determining success in a political career. Both of them have Pluto in the seventh house of their ninefold natal charts.


Before I begin the analyses of their respective progressive and ninefold progressive charts for the election day, I would like to recognize few important possibilities between now and the election day.


For Mr. Trump, according to his current Dasa cycle he is running Rahu-Mars Dasa, and it will end by October 7, 2016, and then a brand new Dasa cycle of Jupiter will begin.  Until October 7, he might go through the experiences which could be perceived as "self-destructive".  If he survives that period, he is then likely to continue his campaign with lot less mischief.


For Secretary Clinton, I don't see any significant issues (except perhaps about her personal life and health) for her in carrying out her campaign.  


Election Day Analysis



Election Day Analysis for Mr. Trump

On the election day evening (November 8, 8 PM ET), the planets influencing Mr. Trump as operating planets (as highlighted in red in his progressive chart below for that day) are Venus and Saturn.  Note that in his natal chart Saturn and Venus conjunct in the eleventh house (the house of success). While Venus rules the tenth of his natal chart (profession, business, politics, showmanship, etc.,), Saturn rules the sixth (adversaries) and the seventh house (the house of spouse and professional or business partner) of his natal chart. 

On the evening of election day, Venus will be (as shown below) in the seventh house in Mr. Trump's progressive chart and in the eleventh  house in his ninefold progressive chart (not shown). While the seventh house Venus in his progressive chart is not so favorable for achieving success, the eleventh house Venus in the ninefold progressive chart is favorable. Similarly on the election day, the sixth house Saturn in his progressive chart is favorable for him to be victorious, but the eighth house Saturn in his ninefold progressive chart (not shown) indicates struggle.


Progressive Chart of Donald J Trump for the Election Day

(November 8, 2016, 8 PM ET)


Besides the operating planet Venus and Saturn, his auspicious planets (based on his natal chart) Sun and Mars are respectively placed in the neutral fifth and the unfavorable eighth house of his progressive chart and the favorable eleventh and ninth house of his ninefold progressive chart (not shown).


Election Day Analysis for Secretary Clinton

For Secretary Clinton, there are two operating planets that will influence her outcome for the evening of election day (highlighted in red in the progressive chart below for that day): Rahu in the second house and Sun in the fourth house. In her corresponding ninefold progressive chart (not shown) Rahu is in the second and Sun is in the tenth house.  Thus, while Rahu in both the progressive and the ninefold progressive charts is sort of neutral for her on the election day, Sun is slightly favorable in the progressive chart and very favorable in the ninefold progressive. Keep in mind that in her natal chart both of these planets are strong and favorably placed from the politics standpoint.


Progressive Chart of Hillary Clinton for the Election Day

November 8, 2016 (8 PM ET)

Besides the operating planets, her auspicious planets (based on her natal chart) are Moon and Sun.  While Sun's influence is already covered above, Moon is placed in the eighth  house of her progressive chart.



The natal charts of both candidates are similar in strength.  Both are dominated by powerful nodes in the cardinal houses.  While for Mr. Trump the tenth house is most predominant with Rahu in conjunction with the first house ruler Sun and the powerful Rahu-Uranus conjunction, Secretary Clinton draws her strength from the ninth house Mars-Pluto conjunction, Mars being the first house ruler, along with the third and fourth house ruler Saturn. In addition, while Mr. Trump has wonderfully placed Jupiter (family, prestige and wealth) in the second house and Venus, Mercury and Saturn in the 11th house, Secretary Clinton relies on her powerful Sun (the ruler of the 10th house) in the 11th house (success).  On the challenging front, Mr. Trump is clobbered by the 12th house Mars (confrontational, fight picker, bully, impulsive and irrational) and Secretary Clinton with the eighth house ruler Mercury in the 12th house (careless and untrustworthy). As a result of these respective challenges, both of them have the most unfavorable ratings.

When compared their progressive charts for the election night, both of them have similar strength.  Secretary Clinton may have a slight edge over Mr. Trump due to the favorable placement of her operating planet Sun. But that slight edge is easily overcome by the fact that his placement of natal Uranus is far more powerful than her natal Uranus.

Now let us compare each candidate’s planetary transits with respect to their natal charts for the election day.  

On the election day the transiting Uranus sextiles Mr. trump's natal Rahu and trines natal Moon and Ketu. Although none of these planets are operating ones for him, he still can be benefited by these aspects. Because in his natal chart, Rahu conjuncts Uranus, it's like his "Karma" conjuncts nation's destiny for better or worse. Perhaps this maybe the reason he has beaten all the odds to get to this point when most of the political pundits discounted his candidacy.  Therefore, should he get elected as the president of the USA, it will certainly be due to this powerful placement of Rahu and Uranus in the 10th house of his natal chart alone reflecting the powerful and total alignment of his karma with the nation's destiny at that point in time.

For Secretary Clinton, the transiting Saturn trines her natal Pluto and Mars.  And the transiting Jupiter conjuncts her natal Neptune. Although none of these planets are her operating ones on that day, the ninth house resident Pluto, Mars and Saturn being her most prominent planets in her natal chart, the trine of the transiting Saturn with natal Pluto and Mars are beneficial for her.  Also, the conjunction of her transiting Jupiter (the first house resident benefic) with the 11th house (the house of success) resident natal Neptune (another benefic) is very auspicious for her.

Thus, from the planetary transit standpoint, Secretary Clinton does have a slight edge over Mr. trump. But in my opinion the race may turn out to be a very close one.

Despite a close race, I wouldn’t be surprised if Secretary Clinton ekes out a narrow victory over Mr. Trump as overall progressive charts and the transits on the election day slightly favor Secretary Clinton.

However, I must add that, regardless of the election outcome, look at the destiny of the United States, which in my opinion is very much dependent on the transiting Uranus. And because the retrograde Uranus being temporarily back in the sidereal Pisces and will not return to sidereal Aries (the cardinal fire sign) until April 2017, there's a strong possibility that the election outcome may not matter come April 2017.  Without being sensationalizing and dramatizing the future of the United States, I think that when Uranus returns to sidereal Aries in April 2017 it will certainly and drastically change the political landscape. As a result, it's very likely that whoever is leading the nation at the time will face a tremendous challenge to deal with the Uranus's force of change. 


About Uranus's entry in sidereal Aries ........

One of the important planetary events of 2016 is the transit of the modern planet Uranus from sidereal Pisces to Aries. Uranus entered sidereal Aries on June 24, and it stayed there till September 4 before it returned to Pisces due to its retrograde motion.  It will station in Pisces until April 6, 2017 and then will return to Aries, and will stay in Aries for the next seven years or so. 

Although it's going to be in Aries for a short while (June 24 - Sept 4) before it returns to Aries next year, Uranus being the planet of change will certainly affect the matters related to Aries in a big way. Aries being the fire and cardinal sign, which is very suitable for independent, ambitious, energetic, impulsive and crazy Uranus, the changes in world political landscape is going to be tremendously influenced by Uranus's transit in Aries. The people who are most affected by this transit are military personnel, business leaders and political leaders.  In scientific and technological areas expect a lot of drastic changes and emerging new ideas will find their way into innovations and discoveries.  The scientific and technological growth rate will rise at a very rapid pace.  A new wave of world political and corporation leaders with their new perspectives on world order will certainly transform our world in next 6-7 years to a new level to which we must adjust to. 

On individual level for those who have Aries ninefold ascendant should get ready for a brand new cycle of change, especially a very pronounced cycle if Uranus is a dominant planet in their birth charts. The changes that might occur would be sudden and would deal with pretty much all aspects of life including marriage, profession, surroundings, common perceptions and beliefs, and the way of living.

About Brexit.....

Personally, I don’t put a lot of stalk in the chart of a country since before the inception time of the chart the land existed.  Instead, I look at the characteristics of the zodiac signs and planets associated with that land and the planetary transits. 

In my opinion, UK is very closely tied with the sign Aries, a cardinal and fiery sign ruled my mighty Mars, and where Sun gets exalted.  This is clearly reflected in the way Briton dominated the world in last few centuries.  

Uranus in Aries could be a spark of brilliance. Uranus being very independent and Aries (ruled by Mars) being extremely independent sign…this combination may produce very positive for UK.  (read above about the Uranus's transit in Aries). But Uranus being whimsical and as it constantly demands change (therefore unsteady) it has been interesting to watch events unfolding during June 24 - September 4 in UK.  Because Uranus has returned to sidereal Pisces after Sept 4 and will stay in Pisces till April 6, 2017 a possibility of reversal of Brexit (which may very well be short lived) exists! Let us see how Briton evolves during next few months.  It will be a glimpse or indication of what to come in the following 6-7 years for UK.


About President Obama and his challenges......

President Obama's operating planets (the planets that presently influence him most) continue to be Mercury and  Sun.  In addition, Moon will remain as an operating planet for him till November 11.

During October, Mercury remains in sidereal Leo (the first house of his progressive chart) till October 3, then it enters Virgo (the second house of his progressive chart) and remains in Virgo till the October 21, then enters Libra (the third house of his progressive chart), and remains there till the end of the month. 

Until October 3, he will continue to have difficult time in staying focused and avoiding the wrong company of people.  After October 3, the favorable second house Mercury will provide him with the  opportunity to be successful in effectively governing the country. However, after October 21,  his adversaries may have upper hand, and as a result, he will have frustrating period dealing with them.

Sun is presently transiting through the unfavorable second house of his progressive chart till October 17.  And then for the remaining part of the month, through a favorable house (the second house) of his progressive chart.  As a result, till October 17, from Sun's transit standpoint, he is likely to face with disappointment, delays, deceit, mental stress and defeat in governing the country, but later he will succeed in dealing with his both domestic and international political challenges.

As far as Moon is concerned, because it's very favorably (exalted Moon) placed in his natal chart, despite the negative influence of Mercury and Sun he will somehow successfully manage his presidency and the popularity.

Thus, summing the influence of all the operating planets as explained above, overall, the third week of October (Oct 17-21) looks to be positive for him, and other days are likely to be difficult and frustrating. 


Global Predictions......

The important challenging planetary configurations for October include Neptune-Rahu (Oct 7 - Nov 22) opposition, Neptune-Jupiter (Oct 18-26) quincunx, Pluto-Uranus (Oct 25 - Nov 5) ninefold quincunx, Rahu/Ketu-Saturn (Sept 17 - Oct 3) and Uranus-Mars (Oct 27-28) squares, Uranus-Saturn ninefold square, and Pluto-Mars (Oct 17-18) conjunction.

The Neptune-Rahu (Oct 7 - Nov 22) opposition may become responsible for social as well as economic turmoil in Russia and China. Eastern European countries are also likely to be negatively influenced by this planetary configuration.  Covert activities around the world may find a new momentum with regard to terrorism and other international conflicts.

The Manifestation of the Neptune-Jupiter (Oct 18-26) quincunx maybe reflected in new challenges that the world religious leaders are likely to face. New controversial issues will take the central stage in the religious world. Religious leaders will be challenged as they are going to be put on the test by these issues. Those who are willing to be open minded and ready to listen and act on new and fresh ideas without losing morality, are the ones that going to be responsible to guide people.

The Pluto-Uranus (Oct 25 - Nov 5) ninefold quincunx may bring a unique change in the way the current US administration deals with other nations with respect to its war against terrorism agenda, and also with its domestic matters. There might be some serious issues that the Obama administration could get tangled with.

The direct squares of Saturn with the lunar nodes (Sept 17 - Oct 3) and Uranus-Mars (Oct 27-28) square mean barbaric activities all around the world are likely to increase. Terrorists are likely to be successful in creating confusion and chaos. Social turmoil in USA, Europe and Middle East is likely.

The manifestation of the Pluto-Mars (Oct 17-18) conjunction may be reflected in escalation of terrorism and violence in places like India-Pakistan and Israel-Palestine area.  Strong possibilities of both natural and man-made calamities are also likely.


The important auspicious planetary configuration for this month include, Saturn-Rahu (Oct 19-23) ninefold trine, Pluto-Saturn (Sept 26 - Oct 4) and Neptune-Saturn (Oct 14-19) ninefold sextiles.

The Pluto-Saturn (Sept 26 - Oct 4) ninefold sextile may become responsible for a better European and Russian economy. This period is also good for progress in technical fields (new innovations and discoveries) and religious reconciliation.

The manifestation of the Neptune-Saturn (Oct 14-19) ninefold sextile may be reflected in having a positive period for China and Russia in handling their domestic issues as well as improving the foreign relations through better policies. The republicans in the United States will have upper hand over democrats. 

The countries that are more likely to be affected during this month are:  Russia, China, the republican leaders in the USA, Middle East (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan and Palestine-Israel regions) and India.  (More)  


Earthquakes: Based on the Earthquake prediction model III the earthquake(s) of magnitude 7 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on October 1, 3, 25. Please note that these dates refer to the Universal time (GMT). For your convenience, the earthquake predictions for the entire year 2016 is provided at Earthquake Predictions 2016


Individual Predictions

Neptune-Rahu opposition and Neptune-Ketu conjunction (October 7 - November 22)

For those, who have poor placing of Neptune-Rahu (or Neptune Ketu) by being especially in the sixth, eighth, and the twelfth house of their birth chart and current operating cycles are influenced by at least one of these planets are likely to experience instability in their daily routine caused due to sudden change in their activities and surroundings.  Such experiences might turn out to be very unfortunate and frustrating.  It would certainly be wise not to commit to anything new during this period and stay low key.  (More)


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