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November 30, 2018

Monthly Predictions for November 2018  

Squares of Uranus with Lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu (Sept 29 - Dec 29).......

Months of October, November and December are likely to turn out to be extra-ordinarily chaotic, violent and painful for the USA, especially from politics and social unrest standpoint (as evidenced by the Supreme Court nominee hearings about sexual allegations, California wildfires, mass killing incidents in California, Chicago and other places) as the lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu) will be squaring Aries- transiting Uranus during these months. This is a long three month period due to retrograde Uranus moving almost at the same speed as the backward moving lunar nodes.  And because Uranus happens to be the planet of USA and lunar nodes being Karmic, it's likely to be filled with lot of anxieties and uncertainties culminating into the capitulation of the current state of politics (Democrats winning the House of Congress) in the United States as the national Karma is going to be worked out during this long three month period.  

In light of President Donald Trump's achievements and challenges so far, in my opinion, he is the symbol of the current state of the American public sentiment and the divide. Despite all the challenges, chaos and his defiance of the established norms, the reason he is still in power is solely due to the strength of his tenth house Rahu-Uranus conjunction in his natal chart representing the powerful force (support of his solid base that totally shares his view of the world) and of entanglement of his destiny with the country's destiny.  Now with Uranus squaring the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, his challenges are likely to multiply manifold during these three months.  

The question would then be "would he survive?".  My short answer to this question is "Most likely not".  If he does (representing, for better or worse, the karmic force of the destiny of the USA), then the manifestation of his survival would certainly be reflected in the strength of his tenth house Rahu-Uranus conjunction in his natal chart representing the powerful force (support of his solid base that shares his view of the world) of entanglement of his destiny with the country's destiny.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if on one the fine mornings during 2018 or early 2019  we wakeup with his tweet of quitting his job or resignation or by legally being removed from the White House due to the fatal Sun-Rahu conjunction in the tenth house of his natal chart.

Retrograde Mercury (Nov 17 - Dec 7) 

On November 17, the planet Mercury became retrograde in sidereal Scorpio. It will stay retrograde in Scorpio until December 7. Typically retrograde Mercury means anxieties, communication breakdowns, unexpected delays, frustrations, missing deadlines, unforeseen obstacles and disappointment in daily chores. Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio means more frustrating periods for people in military, surgeons, sportsmen and people in politics in general, and particularly for those who are in governments, academic area and researchers. This is the time not to start a new project or venture, but rather reflect on what's been done so far.  Also, this is the best time to cleanup that closet and do other chores that you have been postponing due to lack of time.

In addition, if you have dominating Mercury in your birth chart and if Mercury is currently your operating planet, then you are more likely to experience the pronounced effects of retrograde Mercury during this period with respect to matters signified by the house it's currently transiting through in your progressive chart.

Transit of Venus in sidereal Libra (September 1 - December 31)......

On September 1, the planet Venus entered the sidereal Libra, and it is going to stay in Libra till the end of this year (December 31), a long four month period.  It's because while transiting through Libra it turns retrograde on October 6th, stays retrograde till November 16, and then becomes direct and stays in Libra till December 31.

Venus becomes retrograde about once every 19 months, and stays retrograde for about six weeks.  In general, a Libra  retrograde Venus means a very challenging period for women, marriages, home life, lovers, entertainment industries.  Expect the divorce rates to peak, fighting between spouses to intensify, and delays, frustrations, and misunderstandings to take a center-stage in domestic matters. Sexual scandals of prominent people are likely to make headlines.  

However during its direct motion Sept 1 through Oct 6 and then Nov 16 through December 31, it's a very positive and rewarding period for people with Libra Venus in their natal charts.  Entertainment industries likely to advance with phenomenal success.

If you have a dominating Venus in your birth chart, and if your current planetary cycle influences your life via Venus then you are more likely to experience the effects of the retrograde Venus during its retrograde period. The entertainers like actors, actresses, musicians, comedians, movie directors and producers may find themselves in a miserable situation during the retrograde Venus period especially if they are currently being influenced by Venus through their current progressive cycles.

About President Donald Trump and his challenges...... 

President Trump's operating planets (the planets that presently influence him most) for December continue to be Saturn and Venus.

During December, Saturn will be in sidereal Sagittarius, the seventh house of his progressive chart, and it will be in the 3rd house of his ninefold progressive chart till December 26, and then in the fourth house of his ninefold progressive chart for the rest of the month. Venus will be in sidereal Libra (the 5th house of his progressive chart) for the entire month.

From Dasa standpoint, Saturn continues to be unfavorable (being in the seventh house of his progressive chart), however, because it will be in the favorable 3rd house of his ninefold progressive chart till December 26, the net result might be somewhat less unfavorable. As a result, although Mr. trump is likely to continue to have challenges in dealing with his friends and adversaries alike, the intensity of those challenges will certainly be less. He will continue to be haunted by Russia probe. He will even get involved in direct confrontations with people that include not only his adversaries but also his cabinet members, family members and friends. 

The manifestation of the 5th house resident transiting Venus will be reflected in a favorable period for him from his showmanship standpoint and solid support from his base for the entire month. However, for the entire month, he might get involved with women for the wrong reason and become frustrated as a result. Also, the transiting Rahu will be in conjunct with his natal Venus, confirming the higher degree of possibility of surfacing his problems with women.

In addition, as described under the squares of Uranus with the lunar nodes (above) the transiting Rahu will be in square with the transiting Uranus till the end of the year, and Rahu and Uranus being in conjunction in the 10th house of his natal chart, his challenges are likely to multiply manifold during the next two months. 

Thus, during November, the transit of Saturn is unfavorable and the ninefold Saturn is favorable, resulting in overall less unfavorable.  While Venus is partly  favorable for him from his showmanship standpoint, the transiting Saturn and the transiting Uranus squaring the transiting lunar nodes and the transiting Rahu in conjunct with his natal Venus, spell a troubling period for him from legality and insecurity standpoint, resulting in for yet another extremely challenging, trying and eventful month for him to deal with the ongoing Russia probe, immigration, women, suspicious and insecure people around him and for advancing his political agenda.


Global Predictions........

The important challenging planetary configurations for December include:

The manifestation of the Neptune-Saturn (Dec 22-28) ninefold quincunx maybe reflected in rise in covert activities and natural as well as man-made calamities. Places like Russia and China are likely to experience political and social turmoil. Non-democratic countries (such as Saudi Arabia) are likely to see shift of power from one faction (or dictator) to another. Religious activities around the world will likely to appear more secretive than open. 

The Uranus-Saturn (Dec 8-12) ninefold square may turn out to be a cause for a social and/or political turmoil in the United States, Russia and China, as well as tensions rising among these nations.

The Pluto-Saturn (Dec 19-26) ninefold square may become responsible for serious political and social challenges and sudden changes for Russia and Putin administration. To some extent China is likely to have a similar experience.

The manifestation of the Uranus-Rahu/Ketu (Sept 29 - Dec 29) square may be reflected in having United States and particularly the President Trump and his administration to take extra precaution in dealing with foreign matters (recent one is the alleged killing of Washington Post reporter in Turkey in Saudi consulate). This is a long three month period, and it's likely to be filled with lot of anxieties and uncertainties culminating into the capitulation of the current state of politics. In addition, terrorist activities are likely to occur in the United States (mass killing in California, for instance)  besides the volatile region of the Middle-East (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel and Palestine).

The Saturn-Jupiter (Dec 24-30) ninefold square means religions around the world will find difficulty in carrying out their activities, more controversies that test traditional moral values are likely to occur, and in general, religious authorities will have difficulty in keeping people happy.

The Neptune-Mars (Dec 5-7) conjunction may become responsible for peak in covert activities. China and Russia are likely to experience some very drastic changes in the political arena which will influence the psyche of those nation at a deeper level.

The manifestation of the Saturn-Rahu (Dec 7-11) ninefold conjunction maybe reflected in political turmoil in places like Russia, China and to some extent, Europe. Also, for the Republic Party in the United States and for republicans, it may prove to be prudent to stay on guard during this period.


The important auspicious planetary configuration for December include:

The Pluto-Neptune (Dec 20 - Mar 11) ninefold trine may become responsible for either in  bringing terrorism under control or even wiping out major terrorist cells through covert operation. In addition, this ninefold trine is good for Russia and to some extent for China. Also, on technological front, expect some positive breakthroughs in medical, high technology and biotechnology fields. 

The manifestation of the Neptune-Rahu (Dec 30 - Jan 7) ninefold trine may be reflected in expansion of religious activities all around the world with new vigor and energy. Conservatives will have upper hand over the liberals, China and Russia are likely to see positive developments occurring in the social and economical fields.

The countries that are more likely to be affected during this month are:  United States, Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Palestine-Israel regions).  (More)              


    Natural and Man-made Calamities........       

      The natural calamities like extreme weather conditions, wildfires, hurricanes, heavy rains, snow storms, air crashes as well as man made accidents are more likely to occur during December 1-30, especially in the United States.

     Earthquakes: Based on the Earthquake prediction model III the earthquake(s) of magnitude 7 or higher, if occur, are likely to occur on  December 1, 3-4, 6, 10-12, 18, 24, 26-27, 29.  Please note that these dates refer to the Universal time (GMT). For your convenience, the earthquake predictions for the entire year 2018 are provided at Earthquake Predictions 2018

While man-made calamities may manifest themselves in terrorism, unrest, violence, accidents, and air crashes, the natural calamities are likely to include extreme weather conditions such as severe cold winters, and equally intensive droughts, hurricanes or typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes and fires


Individual Predictions

Uranus-Saturn ninefold square (Dec 8-12)

Saturn-Uranus ninefold square is unfavorable for you if you have such a square or opposition in your birth chart. In addition, if the planet Uranus or Saturn is affecting your life via your current progressive chart, then you might want to consider taking extra precautions in the areas which are affected by these planets as shown in your natal chart.  You should avoid taking any kind of risk at any cost during this period.  Such square or opposition can make things so miserable and difficult for you that most likely you are not going to forget them in your entire life. Staying low key is certainly the way to go.  Avoid any new ventures and postpone the matters that you want to begin till this period is passed. 

Neptune-Mars conjunction (Dec 5-7)

This short 3-day period may turn out to be deadly for those who have unfavorable placing of Mars with respect to Neptune in their natal charts.  Expect subtle but very strong and negative forces working against you that surely would bring you misfortune. Stay low key and avoid taking any unwanted or unnecessary risk.  For those who have well placed Neptune-Mars configurations in their birth charts would likely to be rewarded with fame and good times.  (More)


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